Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q:I've promoted/demoted someone in my chat but they haven't lost/gained moderator priviledges when I right click their messsage.

A:As soon as you promote/demote someone it's immediately updated, reload your page. My context menu script does not update with the database, only when a message is recieved and when the page is being loaded.

Q:Someone is being annoying in my chat, how do I remove them or ban them?

A:You can right click their name and kick them from your chat. Currently, there is not a ban option.

Q:Can I delete a message?

A:Yes, right click the message you want to delete (if you're the chat owner or moderator), although any user can delete their own messages by right clicking them.

Q:My chat no longer exists or has been deleted?

A:Chats that contain no messages are automatically deleted, so don't delete every message in your chat. Also, chats that have no activity for several months can be deleted manually by me at my discretion. These can not be undone, but you can reuse your chad ID if it has been previously deleted.

Q:I lost my chat link and/or my chat ID

A:If you're using the same device you used when creating the chat, you can go here to view and moderate the chats you've created. They're stored as cookies so please don't clear your browsing data/cookies otherwise you'll lose the ability to moderate/delete your chat.

Q:Can I remove or alter the "Chattable" logo/banner at the top of my chat?

A:Absolutely. If the banner does not fit your website's aesthetic or for whatever purpose it may be, you can access & modify this banner using #top_banner in your CSS. To delete the banner entirely, simply declare display: none; on this element.

Q:I'm not an owner or moderator anymore?

A:This is because your browsing data or cookies were cleared or edited with error. Browsing data is critical to storing profile information for each user so we can provide a service that doesn't require registration & login auth process. I am working on a verification process for owners to regain ownership but until then please open private message with the moderator team at r/ChattableDevs on reddit for help relclaiming your chat ownership.

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